Jomar Machining and Fabricating specializes in large machining and fabrication projects. Jomar serves several industries including, but not limited to: industrial shredding equipment, steel beam layout and fabrication, wood burning boilers, agricultural equipment and many others. Founded in 1992, Jomar became part of the Entech Inc. family of companies in January 2007.

The company name, Jomar, is from the combination of the 3 company originators – Lamar, Jose, and Omer. Jomar started in the back of Lamar’s dad’s shop in 1990 as a “job shop” building farm gates and washline posts – and anything in-between!

In late 1991, Jomar bought 20 acres from the home place and built the first Jomar building, all of 36′ x 75′ – a wooden structure where we grew from farm repairs to new semi-trailers and RV hauler trailers, and outgrew the building in two years. The next addition was a 75′ x 100′ to the back of the original building. In 1996, another 75′ x 100′ addition was added.

The two additional did not stand for long. In October 1996, a spark smoldered in the wood structure wall for four hours before it burst into flames and burned both additions to the ground. The front building and office were saved and the new steel building was in place in early 1997.  In 2004, we again expanded with a 50′ x 75′ addition to the steel building and a 40′ x 75′ paint room – bringing Jomar’s square footage to the current 24,000 feet.

Since then, we have added CNC controlled machining as well as flame cutting equipment to serve the recycling industry as Entech  became part of the Jomar family, bringing us into the realm of tire shredders and related equipment. We still consider ourselves as a custom job shop but are now more geared towards specialty machined equipment.